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Ultimate Bragging Rights.

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Ultimate Bragging Rights on the Line.

WHEN: January 10, 2014
WHERE: Barclays Center, Brooklyn, NY

After seven months of competitions and hard fought battles, the top eight players from each of the Red Bull Midnight Run cities — Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, New Orleans, New York, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C. — will make their way to the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York on January 10 to answer basketball's long-standing question: What city produces the best basketball talent? Immediately after the Brooklyn Nets v Miami Heat game, the Red Bull Midnight Run Finals will take center court with the victor staking claim to THE MOST TALENTED BASKETBALL CITY.

Immediately after the Brooklyn Nets v Miami Heat double overtime game on Friday night, the Red Bull Midnight Run Finals took center court with the victor staking claim to THE MOST TALENTED BASKETBALL CITY. The final four squads included New York, Philadelphia, Indianapolis, and Atlanta with NYC and Indy advancing to the championship game. In a feisty and edgy final game that saw nearly a dozen lead changes, a slew of hard fouls, and plenty of high-flying dunks, “The Nap” came out victorious with a 43-41 win.


Antonio Cannon

Antwain Weedan

Brandon Gene Evans

DeMarcus Catchings

Devin Williams

Jermaine Dearman

Joshua Caldwell

Kenny Page

New York

Antione Morgano

Bashir Grimes

Brad Forestieri

Courtney Nelson

Derek Braxton Jr.

Jay Pettiford

Jonathan Myers

Suquan Gary


Abdur Scott

Chris Jackson

David Bailey

David Lawson

Dele Ojo

Donte Briscoe

Jeffrey Thomas

Robert Padgett


Larry Diamond

Spencer Dixon

Brandon Robinson

Chad Exchelberger

Josh Sparks

Chris Allen

Taj McCullough

Levonn Jordan


Antonio Johnson

Billy Rush

Brian Centella

Elijah Jones

Fred Taylor

Lavese Jones

Marvin Lee

Tremell Adams

Los Angeles

Chris Lawrence

Deon Marcus

Donald Lee

Donovan Plunkett

Josh Gordon

Mark Dawson

Sheldon Bailey

Tristan Williams

New Orleans

Brent Leduff

Byron Hawkins

Eric Neveaux

Jerry Simon

Lance Perique

Lionel Green

Maurice Foster

Xavier Francis


Babtunde PJ Alawoya

Lawrence Cliffe Ghoran

DeCorey Young

Jamal Fenton

Jereal Wayne Scott

Kendrick Cornelius

Rob Martinez

Terry Turner


Aaron Williams

Anis Taylor

Chuck Davis

David Taylor

Isaiah Nathaniel

Jarett Kearse

Kevin Burwell

Tyrone Hill